WyreStorm Essentials™ 80m KVM UTP Extender



The WyreStorm EXP-EX-80-KVM is a plug and play HDMI and KVM extender, capable of sending up to resolutions of 1080p@60Hz and HID (Human Interface
Device) up to 80m (262ft) over a single CAT5e/6 cable. Additionally, it supports bidirectional POC (Power Over Cable) for powering at either the transmitter or
the receiver with only one power adapter, making installations quick and effortless. Perfect use in office, home and presentation settings to extend HD video and
USB keyboard and mouse from a local zone to a remote PC or laptop


Key Factors to Consider While Choosing Best Extender

In general, the KVM product specifications should roughly match the needs of the peripheral devices you need to access remotely, such as screens, keyboards and mouse, and other USB or audio devices. These analog models, however, have limited resolution and distance support. To avoid the restrictions of older analog versions, digital KVM extension alternatives include a digital visual interface, high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), and DisplayPort connection.

DisplayPort and HDMI are the most prevalent video connection protocols available on professional workstation graphics cards and screens. The HDMI and DisplayPort standards define the highest acceptable resolution per version, the needed bandwidth, and the associated high-bandwidth digital content.

The number of horizontal and vertical pixels displayed on a monitor is known as resolution. The image presented is clearer and sharper when the resolution gets increased.