WyreStorm Essentials™ 4 Input and 4 Scaling Output 4K HDR HDMI Matrix Switcher W/ Digital S/PDIF Audio De-Embed

SKU: EXP-MX-0404-H2


The WyreStorm EXP-MX-0404-H2 is a powerful plug and play 4K matrix switcher solution. With 18Gbps pure HDMI support, the EXP-MX-404-H2 allows up to four UHD 4K sources to be independently routed to four UHD displays. Each Output has the capability to scale 4K content down to connected 1080p displays without affecting the 4K source.

Furthermore, source audio breakout via digital coax supports to 5.1, which can be sent to an AVR for audio distribution. Additionally, the EXP-MX-0404-H2 boasts an enhance API, giving the user full control over RS-232 or IP. Lastly, the EXP-MX-0404-H2 supports automatic and time delayed CEC, powering displays on when a new source is detected and off when source sink isn’t present, making the EXP-MX-0404-H2 a powerful, complete solution.