WyreStorm Essentials 8K60 HDMI Switcher Series


Our plug-and-play 8K HDMI switcher series has the ability to send uncompressed up to 8K@60Hz or 4K@120Hz resolutions to your display. These switchers also support DSC 1.2a pass-through, an approved method of compression in accordance to the HDMI 2.1 specification, allowing up to a 10K@120Hz signal to be transmitted losslessy.

Ranging in two models with varying number of inputs to choose from, this powerful switcher series also gives you the tools to de-embed audio from your source if there isn’t an option on the source and supports ARC from your display to send to send high quality 5.1 to your audio distribution system. Other features such as auto switching and CEC passthrough makes this WyreStorm Essentials™ switcher series a true and powerful plug-and-play solution.

Don’t forget, this switcher line can be paired with any of our CAB-HAOC-FRL’s to further extend your 8K@60Hz signal further than a standard 8K HDMI cable!