8×8 4K UHD HDBaseT™ Matrix Kit

SKU: MX-0808-KIT v2

The MX-0808-KIT v2 gets a make over, sharing many of the same powerful features of version 1, but with a vision of lite commercial installations in mind. Offering the same transmissions of 4K UHD up to 35m/115ft, but now up to 8 HDBaseT outputs with included receivers. Additionally, version 2 is equipped with 4 mirrored outputs, which can be paired with any of our HAOC hybrid optical HDMI cables to connect to 4 additional screens. Also new and fitting are 4 balanced analog audio outputs 2ch support to connect to ceiling/overhanging speakers or to an audio amplifier. Lastly, still enjoy the same great features of version 1, including CEC triggering, A/V mute and standby mode to extend the life of the matrix during downtime.

Wyrestorm-Transmitter& Receiver-RXV-35-4K (19)