NetworkHD™ 100 Series 4K30 4:2:0 H.265/H.265 In-Wall Encoder

Experience unmatched versatility with the NHD-120-IW-TX, your ultimate AV over IP solution. This 2-gang in-wall encoder, part of our 100 series, boasts an HDMI input and a dedicated Ethernet port, designed to seamlessly integrate with today’s modern laptops and tablets. Whether you’re enhancing your educational setup or optimizing your corporate environment, this encoder is your key to success.

Install it discreetly in a wall, table, desk, podium, or any location where remote input is essential. The NHD-120-IW-TX also offers the flexibility to connect the CAM-210-PTZ camera via HDMI while providing a robust Ethernet connection to ensure your AV streams are pristine and uninterrupted.


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