NetworkHD™ 100 Series AV over IP H.264 Quad Encoder


The NHD-140-TX is a 4 input to 4 network stream device encoder compatible with the NetworkHD 100 and 200 Series, an ultra low bandwidth H.264 AV over IP solution for distribution of point-to-point, one-to-many and many-to-many over a managed network. With its standards-based approach to video encoding, fast and simple system configuration and robust feature set, it provides the best value in networked video distribution.

The NHD-140-TX H.264 encoder is intended for use with 100 or 200 Series H.264 decoders (sold separately) to provide a complete end-to-end video distribution system. When used in conjunction with the NHD-000-CTL system controller complete control integration is simple.

WyreStorm AV over IP NHD-140-TX (4)