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The smart home & home entertainment solutions have never been more essential for the quickly expanding residential and custom install market. Being able to work effectively from home, followed by a space to dive into your favorite movie, show or game at the end of the day has been a need for many. With simple solutions to connect your content from room to room, create an immersive home theater space, or flexible home office space solutions, WyreStorm has the essentials that you need.


Home Theater

The home theater set up is the ultimate entertainment solution right in the comfort of your own home, where you can lose yourself in the immersive world of your favorite show, movie or game with family and friends. WyreStorm solutions provide many options for the home theater installation, ranging from signal distribution of remote or local devices to switching AV content from multiple sources.


Home Office

Working from home is essential. In recent times, there is no telling when you may have to brush off the work desk and stay inside for a period of time. Whether your work set up is on a whim, or tailored to your everyday routine, WyreStorm Office solutions bring convenience and clarity to your home conferencing space.


Home Entertainment

A family friendly entertainment system has been a staple of most households for years. With many uses throughout the day, these installs need to be easy to use, and nice to view. With even the most involved living room entertainment set ups, WyreStorm solutions will help you avoid the dreadful storm of wires, while keeping all of your source devices tidy and clean.


Media Rooms

The media room environments are great for casually watching the games while hosting a friendly gathering. You never know when the conversation will call for a switch in source content on one or more of the TV’s. WyreStorm’s latest solutions ensure that your powerful entertainment set up is always ready.


Distance Learning

More relevant than ever, most students have found themselves in a remote learning situation, whether they have to virtually join an online class or seminar. WyreStorm Office solutions allow any student to integrate a cost effective and professional quality E-Learning solution in seconds.



Want more information to make better decisions when look for the best AV distribution solution for your residential environment? Look no further as WyreStorm easily breaks down the best options for you and provides simple to follow application drawings.



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