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When dealing with AV in shopping centers, you need a solution that stands apart from your competitors in a big way. Say for example maybe your competitor offers a better product. Now, you can offer a better experience through the use of superb AV technology. Not only will your customers love this, but you get the satisfaction knowing WyreStorm solutions are consistent every time.


The global retail market is forecasted to reach close to 27 trillion U.S. dollars, so it is vitally important that shopping centres have the means to distribute your brand advertising to put you one-step ahead of your competition. Digital signage provided comes in multiple formats, whether that’s normal advertising, digital notice boards or interesting video wall layouts.

NetworkHD utilizes industry standards to cost efficiently and reliably distribute content to anywhere in a building. Ideal for projects 16×16 and over, NetworkHD is capable of the largest of AV distribution needs. NetworkHD can even span across multiple buildings, by utilizing optical fiber network links. Furthermore, if you have something spectacular like a traditional or mosaic video wall, NetworkHD can handle this easily, without the need for a 3rd party video wall processor.



AV over IP is the method of distributing audio, video, control signals and more over a standard IP Network, Tailored for the largest of AV installations.


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