Scottish Mansion Renovation

Residential Case Study

Product Installed: NetworkHD 400 Series

A modern mansion renovation using the latest in building technology. This project from concept to completion used the latest in infrastructure design, installation and technology to fulfil the client’s every need.

The client wanted video and audio distribution to every room, and requested that we took the decor, room characteristics and purpose into consideration. The minimalist requirement for technology with maximum operability and impact was required. The client also had the requirement for multiple sources to 14 Screens on the property with the requirement to expand when needed.

The system of choice was the NetworkHD 400 Series. A stand alone network, capable of transporting 4K content from any source to any screen, was created using the required High Capacity Cat6 cabling that had been installed throughout the property. This dedicated network is ‘bridged’ to the main network, making it switchable in milliseconds, all controllable from the clients mobile, or control devices throughout the property. Sources in this case included 4 SkyQ boxes, a 4K media server, Blu-ray player, and a digital signage unit serving family photographs and custom artwork to any screen.

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