Seamill Hydro – Firth Pavilion

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: NetworkHD 200 Series

The Victorian-style Seamill Hydro Hotel is the epitome of modern luxury, nestled into the Ayshire countryside and overlooking the Isle of Arran in Scotland. The family-owned hotel has undergone major renovations in the past decade to make the property even more spectacular. Most recently, the hotel completed a $13 million construction project, building a wedding and conferencing venue on the property named the Firth Pavilion.

Everything in the space is designed to play off the stunning panoramic views of the Ayrshire coastline and the mountain range of Arran. Along with attention to decorative details, technology plays a key role in the venue and includes high-end lighting, shading, video, audio, and security equipment. These systems called for a fully integrated control and automation system that would allow the staff to enhance the space. With the goal of creating an incomparable space, the hotel owners envisioned a system capable of elegant automation that would make weddings and other events truly memorable.

The biggest priority for the system was creating an automated control sequence to create unforgettable bridal entrances. WyreStorm’s NetworkHD 200 series was the distribution option of choice throughout the install; paired with control options from RTI which allows the owners and general manager have overall control of everything on the system.

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