SONA Residential Home

Residential Case Study

Product Installed: WyreStorm MX-1616-H2XC

The aim of the project is to enhance the living space. While tech adds value and convenience, the client ultimately wanted to improve their lives – which is just what they managed to achieve with this luxury integrated home. There was a clear vision of exactly what they’d need.

Every client’s need is different. They may want better security, more intuitive tech, or simply a space to entertain. Installation decisions also needed to be based on high-performance, non-intrusive technology. With this project, the key needs included a simple, operating platform and full integration across all systems indoor and outdoor.

Every room features a fiber-optic video system with 4K distribution and OLED displays. WyreStorm’s MX-1616-H2XC Matrix was utilized and populated with 11 TX-H2X-OM3 modular cards, capable of sending 4K transmissions up to 300m (984ft). Concealing the televisions was made simple with WyreStorm’s RXF-300-4K Receiver, which features a compact chassis design.

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