AV has been totally integrated with the new modern environments. When transmitting AV, traditional HDMI cables have proven to be expensive and come with limited distance and capability. That’s why AV manufacturers developed HDBaseT as a solution to overcome those limitations.

Those technologies utilize stand-alone or in-wall transmitters, converting traditional Audio and Video signals into data packets and transmit them over long distances. This method, compared to traditional HDMI cables, brings speed, reliability, and increased distance transmissions, creating a robust and reliable AV Distribution solution. Transmitters usually act like a matrix switcher to perform automatic switching for multiple input AV signals. These include traditional HDMI and even USB transmission for connection of various peripherals.

Perfect for distributing content point-to-point up to 100m/328ft.

Extenders offer 4K video, multi-channel audio, control, ethernet & power.

USB 2.0 transfer to handle webcams, whiteboards and flash drives.

Enables audio from sources to be de-embedded to an AVR.



Having the best quality video content can be a must, especially in residential homes and commercial environments where a loss in quality be detrimental. That’s why our transmitters transmit the best in video quality, passing full 2160p 4:4:4 video content signals.


Optimized for different markets, HDBaseT has revolutionized AV distribution. Addressing specific needs of such sectors as audiovisual, automotive and more, HDBaseT brings a rich feature set, increased reach and better performance than existing solutions.


HDBaseT 2.0 affords USB 2.0 pass-through, including KVM functionality for extension of a keyboard/mouse, touchscreen and full data transfer. USB device data can be sent natively through USB-C ports allowing a cable to be used for A/V and USB device connectivity.