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Electric vehicles have been on the rise over the past decade, and EV charging stations are becoming a bigger part in a personal commuters daily life. With charging kiosks incorporating displays, these environments lend themselves perfectly to digital signage displays solutions. WyreStorm provides powerful point to point AV signal distribution.


With the world changing, a rise of electric vehicles is on the horizon. The increase of people using electric vehicles brings an increase in charging stations, therefore more opportunities for digital signage options. A problem now occurs. How do you get a reliable solution that can distribute all of your advertising to every EV station on the lot.

NetworkHD utilizes industry standards to cost efficiently and reliably distribute content anywhere you need it to go. Ideal for projects 16×16 and over, NetworkHD is capable of the largest of AV distribution needs. NetworkHD can even span across multiple buildings, by utilizing optical fiber network links.


AV over IP is the method of distributing audio, video, control signals and more over a standard IP Network, Tailored for the largest of AV installations.


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