University of Bedfordshire STEM Building

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: NetworkHD 400 Series

As part of a £180 million modernisation project, the University of Bedfordshire’s new STEM building on the Luton Campus is set to shape futures around the globe. The new building provides over 6000m2 of new teaching space dedicated to engineering, computer science, health and life sciences. The cutting-edge facilities will see the university expand its course
portfolio, grow student numbers and actively promote STEM learning..

The challenge was to deliver a flexible, futureproof audiovisual solution able to create an engaging and collaborative learning experience for STEM staff and students. The £500k audio visual projec required the installation and commissioning of multiple spaces including labs, clean rooms, classrooms, collaboration spaces and other specialist rooms.

Each lab and teaching space contains multiple display devices ranging from a couple of projectors up to, in some of the larger teaching spaces, eight or nine LED displays or a combination of LED screens and projectors. Using WyreStorm’s 400 Series AV over IP solution, each display is connected to the universities network.

There is no fixed teaching point in the labs. Instead, there is a mobile lectern which can be wheeled about and located in one of up to 4 or 6 connection points, depending on the size of the lab. The location of the teaching point is selected by the lecturer according to the class size and desired configuration of the space. The use of WyreStorm’s 400 Series AV over IP solution means that the lectern, once in position, can be quickly joined to the network via a single cable connection into a network socket.

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