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Since April 2018, WyreStorm has been reducing the environmental impact of its products by removing Single Use plastics (SUP) from packaging whenever possible. Since then, WyreStorm has saved over 2.5 tons of SUP from being produced and ending up in a landfill. By not producing these large amounts of SUP, WyreStorm has also prevented over 110,000 gallons (~416,395 liters) of water from being used in plastics production.

In place of SUP, WyreStorm now uses plain, recyclable cardboard in over 30% of its product line packaging, including high-volume products such as extenders/receivers, hybrid AOC cables, and NetworkHD. Furthermore, WyreStorm is stopping the use of plastic spools in its high-volume HAOC products and is instead using a plain cardboard spool that, with the box, can be put straight into the recycling bin.

Additionally, WyreStorm is moving to replace all of the acrylic packing tape with Kraft packing tape in all shipments out of the UK/EMEA. This tape is biodegradable and 100% recyclable, which makes it a perfect environmentally friendly alternative to standard packing tape.

The Essentials™ product range is also going eco-friendly. By continuing to use recyclable cardboard for most of its units, and now using bagged items made from biodegradable plastic, WyreStorm is actively looking for packaging solutions that do not include SUP for the rest of its product line. The ultimate goal is to be 100% Single Use plastics free in all of its packaging.

WyreStorm will be featuring the following graphics on every package that is 100% SUP free or use biodegradable plastic packaging. For a complete list of all our products that now use SUP Free packaging, Click Here.